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From one of the greatest French philosophers of the 20th century, comes a seminal study and critique of propaganda. Taking not only a psychological approach, but a sociological approach as well, Elluls book outlines the taxonomy for propaganda, and ultimately, its destructive nature towards democracy. Drawing from his own experiences fighting for the French resistance against the Vichy regime, Ellul offers a unique insight into the propaganda machine. "A far more frightening work than any of the nightmare novels of George Orwell. With the logic which is the great instrument of French thought, [Ellul] explores and attempts to prove the thesis that propaganda, whether its ends are demonstrably good or bad, is not only destructive to democracy, it is perhaps the most serious threat to humanity operating in the modern world."-- Los Angeles "The theme of Propaganda is quite simply . . . that when our new technology encompasses any culture or society, the result is propaganda . . . Ellul has made many splendid contributions in this book.-- Book Week

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Jacques Ellul

Philosophe, théologien, moraliste, homme engagé dans les combats sociaux, penseur critique de la révolution et de la technique, Jacques Ellul (1912-1994) apparaît toujours comme l'une des figures les plus éminentes et pourtant les moins bien connues de la vie intellectuelle française. D'ores et déjà en vogue aux États-Unis, son oeuvre, d'une rare fécondité, trouve un écho sans précédent auprès de la jeunesse. Un auteur à découvrir ou à redécouvrir. Absolument.